About us

My name is Irina, I’ve been a knitter and crocheter since I can remember myself (thanks mom!) and am the maker behind everything that goes on with Knitznpurlz. A brand of highest quality t-shirt yarn along with patterns that I designs with t-shirt yarn. I would like to confess I don't like big knitting or crochet projects! I'm “Netflix and knit” kind of girl. I was getting frustrated with counting numerous stitches and trying to figure out complicated patterns. And little by little I started to make my own, the easy to follow ones.
That’s how I ended up working with t-shirt yarn. Usually the entire project takes me just a couple of hours to complete. The main idea behind all my patterns is simplicity and originality,(holla!) so you can relax and enjoy the process.
For my fellow knitters and crocheters I searched the best high quality materials around the globe, manufacture t-shirt yarn and wooden bases in USA, New York and gladly share my patterns with you, so that you can fulfill your passion and needs without warring where and how to get #allthethinsyouneed.
I hope you get inspired to use new fibers and materials, to go out of your comfort zone and explore the endless possibilities of t-shirt yarn. You can find more free patterns using t-shirt yarn on my blog( https://www.knitznpurlz.com) + all the t-shirt yarn you need for your projects. Follow me for instagram (https://instagram.com/knitznpurlz) where I share my knitting and crochet journey, host giveaways( yes pretty frequently!) and chat with fellow makers.
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Happy crafting,